Sperm Of Dreams

Sperm has been bought. the adrenalin is real and I am not sure wether to go for a run or fall asleep. The journey up to this point has been long, and the biggest part has been the inner journey I have had to take. Letting go of dreams and ideas I have had since I was a little girl. I still believe that having two parents is ideal if the parents love each other and want the same things for their children. However my reality is that I haven’t found that one true love, not from a lack of trying mind you…

Now close to turning 39 I do not dare to wait any longer it is time to venture in to unknown grounds and extend my little family (currently me and my dog Vera) with a baby.

I have chosen to use a known sperm donor. This is to let my future child have the opportunity to meet our donor when they are 18. It took me ages to go through over 400 profiles. I thought I would mainly be interested in what the donor looked like initially, however I soon learned that the donors motives behind donating, and willingness to meet my child with open arms soon became key. Family health history felt important too as well as staff impressions. Which celebrity the donor looked like soon also became more than a little fun fact, as I realised that there were some adult features that I really  didn’t like.

So stay tuned this could be the start of a life.




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