This is not a drill

I need to pee but I have promised to meet my friend Elin and her dog outside in 2 minutes for an evening walk with our dogs. Taking the ovulation test the wait for a result is at least 3 minutes…
The Vitanova clinic in Copenhagen left me instructions too pee on an ovulation test in the morning and the evening. The result was negative in the morning so I wasn’t to concerned that it might be positive that evening and besides my app tracking my cycle predicted that ovulation would take place the coming Sunday, however my constant need to try my best to do good left me holding in that pee thinking I would be ok holding it in for our little walk. It was a lovely evening and we decided to go for a little longer walk than usual. Coming back I was bursting and I only just got the package open without peeing myself. I felt like I was just going through the motions, as I was sure the test wouldn’t be positive….But it was!

positive ovulation


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